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0169. Hộp thâu gọn dây cáp, dây điện

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 Dụng cụ thông minh giúp bạn dọn dẹp mớ dây nhợ dài lòng thòng như mạng nhện, làm chúng trở nên gọn gàng và sạch đẹp hơn!!89286504.jpg



tp-link/Youre still a long power cord for notebook no place to admit the trouble? Are your plans for laptop bag inside a mess of wires and a headache? Come take a look at this little lovely bar. At the same time the product can also be used for mobile phone charger, etc. for all household electrical products, wires admission! Long wires can be housed in its own shell into. Do you have had such experiences, clearly needs the results of 1 meter cable there are 6 meters long? However, you have this very convenient and aesthetically pleasing cable turtle wire finishing device, you can make these not pretty or long wires away from your sight. The simplest of these wires wrapped around the open cable turtle, close the shell. All of these wires do not need to be far away from us in the! The large cable turtle can be incorporated about 12 feet (about 4 meters) standard US-made dual-core wires, each wire and cable turtle collectors can be repeated in more than 10 million fold.



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