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0726. Dụng cụ massage đầu

Mã Sản phẩm: 0726

Giá chỉ 24,000đ .

(Xin lỗi, Sản phẩm này đã hết hàng)

Dụng cụ matxa đầu không chỉ giúp bạn giải tỏa áp lực trong những giờ làm việc căng thẳng,mà còn giúp cho máu trong não tuần hoàn đều đặn, khi đầu bạn ngứa có thể sử dụng đến nó đấy. Nếu sử dụng matxa đầu thường xuyên có thể giúp cho trí nhớ mình tốt hơn. Hoặc là những bạn thường hay bị chóng mặt, nhức đầu ,sử dụng maxa đầu là lựa chọn tốt nhất cho bạn đấy.


BOKOMA dụng cụ matxa da đầu, giúp bạn xua tan mệt mỏi, căng thẳng đầu óc sau 1 ngày làm việc  vất vả, mang đến cảm giác thư thái nhẹ nhàng, dẽ dàng đi sâu vào giấc ngủ.

1. Features

Light weight manual massager, ideal for health care
Suitable for home, travel and office use
Remove the muscle tension and tiredness and improve the blood circulation by massaging head or points on body

Material: fingers (stainless steel)
Shape: stainless fingers
Light weight

2. Introduction
Here millennium old tradition of the Aborigines combines with modern technology of the outgoing twenty-first century. The BOKOMA looks harmless, it may even remind you of kitchen equipment- but what an surprising effect it has! The BOKOMA is placed gently on the head and one begins with a smooth massage of the entire scalp. Already during the first contact gentle showers will run down your back and there will be nobody, who would be able to retreat from the stimulating effect, that the BOKOMA has on you. The BOKOMA affects the entire body and will make you feel relaxed, but far from being dizzy or tiered. All nerves of your scalp are stimulated, you blood circulation will be higher and so your skin will be more sensitive to the sensory attraction being released by the burls. But the BOKOMA can even do more! Not just the head would be suitable for such a massage. Your entire body will love the gentle massage of the BOKOMA. No wonder- the BOKOMA sets body own endorphins free, which work both relaxing and painkilling, without you taking any medicine at all! You can use the BOKOMA either by yourself, or you can ask someone to do it for you. Both methods are agreeable and joyful. Allow yourself to have a little oasis in your everyday life and try the

How can the BOKOMA be used?

° It makes you relax completely and puts a smile on your face! Depressive tendencies are being reduced.
° Body own endorphins are being released by the BOKOMA,
which are effective against headache and feelings of tension.
° The BOKOMA is very entertaining.
° Your intellectual power is clearly improved by the relaxing impact the BOKOMA makes.
° The BOKOMA will stimulate your blood circulation and so the growth of your hair will be supported. It will also work effectively against dandruff`s.
° The BOKOMA will calm you down and unclamp your muscles.
° Photographically illustrations show clearly how positive the BOKOMA effect is on your . 

Relax while you are lying or sitting and indulge yourself with the BOKOMA or let someone else coddle you. Long hair should be loosened, so that the strands of your hair won`t get mixed up in the BOKOMA and a tight contact with the bulbs of the BOKOMA and the scalp is made possible.


Let the BOKOMA slide slowly and gently up and down your head and enjoy your body reaction. You will see, no one can deprive from the immediate amazing effect the BOKOMA has! You never felt anything like this! Jim jams will run all over your body, up and down, all your nerves will be stimulated and a ecstatic smile will lighten up your face.
The BOKOMA is no medical, but rather a therapeutically instrument. So the effect it has, depends on the user and can differentiate from one person to a another. The BOKOMA can be used by children too. It calms them down and makes them feel very comfortable. Nevertheless the children should be supervised by an adult, while using the BOKOMA.







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